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Google Search Engine Market Share Greater Outside of US 

As reported by Chitika Insights, Google has maintained its place as the leader in Search Engine Market Share for several years now. However, just like any product or service, Google’s position is highly dependent on many factors, including location. In order to determine how Google’s popularity in the search engine market changes outside of the US, we analyzed a sample of search engine traffic from three key countries within our extensive ad network (United States, Canada and United Kingdom) to see how search engine preference differs.

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Demise of the PC? Windows Web Browsing Market Share Declines by 10% in Six Months 

As reported last week, Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS passed their desktop operating system (Mac OS) in web browsing market for the first time in history. According to new research from Canalys, smartphone shipments overtook personal computers in 2011, moving 487.7 million units over the course of the year, compared to 414.6 million PCs.

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Android OS Fragmentation Continues: Ice Cream Sandwich Present on Only 1.12% of Devices 

Android’s open nature is one of its key draws, for developers and users alike. The flexibility of its open standards provides incentive for developers to utilize the platform, given its reach to such a wide range of devices. In comparison, Android’s largest competitor, Apple’s iOS is a tightly controlled system, all its development held firmly under Apple’s management.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Slowly Enters Market; New OS Seen on .4% of Android Web Traffic 

Ice Cream Sandwich, the most recent dessert themed version of the Android Operating System (OS), was made available to the public on November 12th, 2011. It is unlike any Android OS before it, in that it incorporates aspects of Gingerbread and Honeycomb into a single version that can run on both tablets and smartphones. However, due to delay, it wasn’t until much later (on December 15th) that the OS saw its first real foray into the markets on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Traffic for Google+ on the Rise Along with User Count 

Chitika Insights has covered the heavily publicized launch of Google+ amidst a variety of reported statistics, some which stated that Google+ hosted a user base comprised of over 40 Million people, others which described the fledgling social network as nothing more than a ghost town. Initially, traffic on Google+ saw a rapid rate of growth, but was accompanied by a period of significant decline. Since then, Chitika Insights has been regularly keeping tabs on the condition of Google+, in order to determine the relative success of the social network.

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Report: Future of Firefox Unclear; 25% of Users Lag Behind in Version Updates 

For many years, Mozilla’s non-profit web browser Firefox has been the only real competitor for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The ubiquitous IE has reigned in the browser market, but when Firefox debuted in 2004 it brought a refreshing alternative to Microsoft’s offering. Sleekly designed and more secure than IE6, the open-source Firefox was “browser of choice” for many tech-savvy users.

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Record Sales Help Boost Online Activity in Competitive Tablet Market 

After enjoying a hugely successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday weekend, Tablet manufacturers have made it clear that there is space for competitors in the market other than the apple. The HTC Flyer, BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Kindle Fire amongst others entered at a price point which in some cases is less than half the price of the iPad; this Thanksgiving has successfully kicked off the Tablet Wars.

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