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Firefox 16 Security Flaw: Quick Response by Mozilla Minimizes Impact on Adoption 

Mozilla released its newest version of the Firefox Web browser last Tuesday, October 9th, 2012. Unfortunately, this version had a major security issue, which prompted Mozilla to remove the download from its page just a day after initially releasing it. The software was patched and re-released less than 24 hours later as Version 16.0.1. At Chitika Insights, we were interested in seeing what percentage of Firefox users had updated to version 16 before the fix, and how the issue may have affected adoption rates.

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Google Usage Rates Vary Across Browsers 

The now ubiquitous phrase “Google it” certainly points to a clear king of the search engine marketplace, but many prefer to do their “Googling” in a variety of browsers to take advantage of certain plugins, privacy features, and other attributes. With this in mind, Chitika Insights looked to measure whether the Web browser a person uses has any impact on the search engine they use.

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Firefox 2nd Most Influential Player in Search 

Firefox appears to hold a lot of the cards in the search engine market share game. We looked at what percentage of search traffic coming into our network came from Firefox’s deal with Google – specifically, the Firefox start page and little embedded Google bar – and found that Firefox’s default search engine controls more of the search market than anyone besides Google themselves. Bidding war, begin! As seen in ReadWriteWeb

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