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Google Nexus 7 Market Report 

Making its debut a little less than a month ago at Google’s I/O Conference, the Nexus 7 was touted as a high-end tablet available in a low price bracket. Google looks to have delivered in that regard, as the Nexus 7 was met with fairly positive reviews and an overwhelming level of consumer demand, which caused the search engine giant to remove the Nexus 7 from its play store over the weekend. Given the spike in consumer demand, Chitika Insights conducted a study into the Nexus 7’s usage.

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iOS 6 vs. Android Jelly Bean: Initial Developer Interest Nearly Identical 

iOS has traditionally seen a great deal more developer activity and app development than Android, due to the heavier usage patterns of iOS users. However, this has slowly changed, and iOS and Android now nearly split the marketplace in half when it comes to usage share. At Chitika Insights, our team looked to visualize the level of interest between both iOS 6 and Android’s Jelly Bean during the first 24 hours of availability to the developer community

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Study: iPad Still King of Tablet Web Usage 

Given the recent emphasis of screen size as a major differentiating factor for the tablet market, Chitika Insights analyzed a range of tablet screen sizes in the context of mobile ads. The goal of this study was to determine whether tablet screen size influences user browsing behavior, as well as the likelihood of clicking on an ad. This also poses other questions. Which tablets are optimal for Web use? Which tablets see the highest levels of Web use? And which screen formats lend themselves to the highest user-engagement rates?

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Chromebook Struggles To Make its Mark 

With the release of Google’s next-generation Chromebook, the Samsung Series 5 550, the company is all set to provide its users with a whole new personal computing experience.
But the numbers tell a story of lagging adoption for this Internet-based machine. It’s been almost a year since the Chromebook was launched, but the actual Web usage market share of Chrome OS still seems to be extraordinarily low. Chitika Insights conducted a study, ranging from June 7 to June 13, 2012, on the Internet usage share of Chrome OS, comparing it with that of other operating systems.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Surpasses Kindle Fire in Tablet Traffic Share; Apple iPad Takes Small Dip 

91.07% of tablet web traffic comes from iPad devices. While the iPad still accounts for a great majority of tablet web traffic, it has fallen about 3.5% from the 94.64% figure we reported in early May. Barnes & Noble Nook has overtaken the Kindle Fire in web traffic impressions. Compared to our previous study of tablets per 100 iPads, the Kindle has maintained its share while the Nook has gained. Barnes & Nobles’ e-reader with tablet capabilities now accounts for 0.85% of all tablet web traffic versus Kindle Fire’s .71%.

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