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Category: Search Engines

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Do Apple Users Search More Than Android? 

For the last decade, search engines have been internet users’ best friends, making any question that comes to mind immediately addressable with the best relevant answers. Developments in technology have made search engine results more qualified and useful, leading to a rapidly growing demand for their use. Chitika Insights decided to take a look into search traffic trends depending on the operating system.

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Local Searches Constitute 24% of Google Queries 

Local businesses have always needed their advertisements to effectively target potential customers in their area. When it comes to advertising on the Web, this task is made more difficult with ads potentially reaching almost anyone in the world. One method for targeting messages to local customers is through a search engine, with the top three being Bing, Google and Yahoo! Chitika Insights looked to quantify how often each platform’s users preform local searches.

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Google Usage Rates Vary Across Browsers 

The now ubiquitous phrase “Google it” certainly points to a clear king of the search engine marketplace, but many prefer to do their “Googling” in a variety of browsers to take advantage of certain plugins, privacy features, and other attributes. With this in mind, Chitika Insights looked to measure whether the Web browser a person uses has any impact on the search engine they use.

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