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Study: MSIE Sees Greatest Traffic During Work Day; Chrome Picks up in Evenings 

The last twelve months have been a wild ride in the world of web browsers. Chrome has been rapidly capturing market share from Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), which traditionally has held the majority of web browser market share – beginning with Microsoft Windows dominance of personal computer industry. It has often been said that the reason behind MSIE’s dominance in the market is due to heavy corporate usage.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Web Traffic on the Rise along with Sales 

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, a one of a kind phone-tablet hybrid, came amidst controversial expectations. While many users considered the 5.3-inch tablet phone as an impractical device, Samsung was hoping to find a place in the market with its hybrid for users who were looking for a tablet that can also function as a phone, and be carried out in pocket.

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The new iPad Accounts for 10% of all iPad Traffic in Only Three Weeks 

After a little less than a month on the market, The new iPad has made leaps and bounds into the hands of millions of consumers across the world. Despite critics and naysayers touting lackadaisical improvements and overheating issues, a market survey coming out of ChangeWave Research reports that 82% of the new iPad users said they were “very satisfied” compared to the 74% that felt similarly about the first and second generation iPads. Success for The new iPad has only been made further evident by official sales figures released by Apple, indicating that the tablet sold three million units across the first four days it was available both online and in stores.

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Chrome 18 Sees High Adoption Rates; 33% of Users Running Latest Version 

Almost four years after Google released a significant portion of Chrome’s source code as a part of the open source project Chromium, Google Chrome has grown to establish itself as one of the most popular browsers in the world, currently garnering 16% of web browsing market share. One of the benefits of converting the Chrome project to open source, has been an intense collaboration from within the developer community which has supported a notoriously rapid release schedule.

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The new iPad Gobbles Up 5% of All iPad Traffic; CA, CT & NY new iPad “Hot Spots” 

After much anticipation on Friday March 16th, 2012, The new iPad hit the market and proceeded to shatter first weekend sales records, moving 3 million units over the course of the weekend — the most successful launch for the iPad yet. Although “The new iPad” sported only a few major differences (most notably screen resolution) from earlier generations, thousands of consumers and Apple fans alike lined up around the block to be among the first with their hands on the product.

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Study: Google+ Traffic Down 31.6% in Four Months 

Google+ has experienced quite the tumultuous ride since its introduction in June 2011. In the words of Google’s Chief Executive, Larry Page, Google+ “has become a robust competitor in the social networking space, with 90 million users registering since its June launch.” However, a recent report by ComScore tells a different story, highlighting a downward trend in overall use. Members of the social network spent 5.1 minutes on the site in November, and 4.8 minutes in December. By January, users were spending only 3.3 minutes on Google+ per month, on average.

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Study: Mobile Web Traffic Up 35% in Under a Year; PC Web Usage Peaks Early Morning 

If 2011 was the year of mobile, 2012 shows no signs of slowing down. “The post-PC era has arrived,” stated a BI Intelligence analyst. Over the past year, many major smartphone manufacturers released record breaking sales figures highlighting the extent to which mobile devices have established themselves as a presence and, in some cases, necessity in our day to day lives. ComScore’s 2011 mobile report states that there are almost 100 million smartphone subscribers in the US alone.

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Study: PlayBook OS 2.0 Running on 43% of Eligible Devices after One Week in Market 

The BlackBerry PlayBook entered the tablet market with a bit of a struggle over 2011. Amid heavy competition on all fronts, it seems that users expected more out of the device, perhaps solely based on the legacy of RIM alone. The PlayBook simply was missing many of the functions that Blackberry users have come to know and love.

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