iOS Version Update: iOS 4 Now Powering 68% of iPhones

Released on June 21st, iOS 4 is the newest operating system for the iPhone.  In July, one month after its release, it was already powering 50% of all iPhones.  Now, based on traffic data from online ad network Chitika, it accounts for 68% of the iPhone market.

Since July 22nd, the previous incarnation, iOS 3, has dropped from 48% of the market to just 31%.  Even older operating systems – iPhone OS 1 and 2 – have dropped to a combined 0.7%.

iOS Distribution September


OS Build % July % Sept Change
1.x 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
2.x 0.96% 0.72% -0.23%
3.x 48.05% 31.28% -16.76%
4.x 50.52% 67.55% 17.03%

For comparison’s sake, here’s how the Android OS distribution looks so far in September:

Android OS Breakdown - September


Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
+866.441.7203 x966

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