Reddit Steals Nearly Half Of Digg’s Traffic

In the latter part of August, Digg and Reddit spent most of their time sending about the same amount of traffic to sites in the Chitika network.  Since Digg 4’s launch on the 25th, however, Digg’s traffic has dropped off significantly, while Reddit’s has risen.  Some of this can be attributed to Reddit’s well-publicized assault on Digg’s front page, making the most coveted spots on Digg link to Reddit content.

Digg v Reddit

Here’s how the Digg/Reddit split has looked since the 18th, based on a sample of traffic across our network:

Date Digg % Reddit %
8/18/2010 48% 52%
8/19/2010 50% 50%
8/20/2010 47% 53%
8/21/2010 52% 48%
8/22/2010 52% 48%
8/23/2010 52% 48%
8/24/2010 52% 48%
8/25/2010 33% 67%
8/26/2010 11% 89%
8/27/2010 33% 67%
8/28/2010 13% 87%
8/29/2010 34% 66%
8/30/2010 32% 68%

With Reddit’s assault on Digg combining with many Digg users’ vocal disapproval of the new version, it seems that the site has a ways to go if they want to return to their position as the preeminent traffic-generating news site.


Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
+866.441.7203 x966

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