Top Android Devices: Android Driving 4G Adoption

Across the Chitika network, the top Android device remains the Motorola Droid.  However, the HTC Evo is in a solid second place with nearly 12% of all Android traffic, helping drive Android users’ adoption of the 4G next-generation cellular technology.

Android Devices Nov 2010

Along with the Evo, the Samsung Epic, T-Mobile G2, and MyTouch 4G are leading Google’s mobile operating system into the newest generation of mobile Internet usage.  Summing the traffic of the 4G devices, fully 16% of all Android traffic has the ability to download and surf, and while most are on Sprint’s network, T-Mobile is seeing gains in 4G Android adoption.

Top 20 Android Devices by Traffic

So Droid still owns the Android universe, mostly, but the onset of 4G is making for an entirely new set of rules for Android device makers.

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