Today at the Mobile World Conference, covered by Matt Rosoff at Business Insider, Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed details of the future of Android, and also about the Operating System fragmentation strategy employed by Google. Also briefly mentioned within Rosoff’s article, as well as Rob Jackson’s at, is Schmidt’s plan to push Chrome OS onto personal computers.

With the Cr-48 in testing for approximately two months, some early reviews of the operation system are already out there, and it is clear that the lightweight system with short boot time is aimed for the audience that intends to use their computer for primarily web access. Chitika Insights has detected some Chrome OS in the wild, though only around 0.0052% of US Traffic.

While still a small part of the overall US/Canadian web, there is definite reason to be optimistic for the platform: it’s share is around the same level as Google’s newest Android smartphone release, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread):

Given the success of Froyo on the Android platform, this suggests plenty of growth room for Chrome OS once it is fully released to the public. It will be interesting to see if Chrome OS sees quick success, given the current growth in cloud computing, and a public consistently growing more web-based.

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