We love Chitika and we love Google Adsense. Both are very different programs – each with strengths and weaknesses in delivering the items your blog visitors are researching when they visit. One of the things we love about Chitika is the diversity in the offerings of products and product related ad pods, and one of the things we love about Google Adsense is the ongoing diversity in the advertisers they provide. The thing we’ve learned over the past year is how they can work side by side – Chitika mixing up the product mix, and Google Adsense providing a sampling of unique advertisers.

RPU and Google work hand and hand by answering: 1. Why am I here? Am I looking for more products or product info? 2. Am I looking for more places to buy? What’s there? What’s out there for me in my search? What other sites meet my need.

Since we expect Google to provide the best match in search and search related traffic related to business sites offering products for sale – we expect Chitika to find the best products – or product research. That’s why the Related Product Units (RPU) go hand and hand with our related entries, and Google Adsense matching advertisers to that entry. We tend to think of both units as complimentary and targeted at a different need. So as our users scroll – they initially get RPU units to look at (which are more like related entries or the products we feature) and then places to find (more like related advertisers from Google). Whatever meets their need – we give them a place to go. Thanks to both Chitika and Google for providing such a mix of ads to feature on our sites.

Tip By: Jay Brewer, Founder BlogPire Productions

That completes the Chitika & Google -Mini Expert Series! A BIG thanks to all 5 publishers who took the time to show their favorite Chitika & Adsense ad implementations. All 5 tips will be compiled into a free eBook free for everyone. It will be available next week!

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