With Chitika’s API, you will be able to easily integrate Chitika | eMiniMalls ad units within the pages of your application. Check out our press release for more information about how this will allow you to monetize the traffic to your Facebook application while earning pay-per-click advertising revenue!

“Once Facebook opened its API, it established an entirely new channel for creative developers seeking a wider audience,” said Venkat Kolluri, chief executive officer at Chitika. “An obvious next step for us was to extend the success we’ve had with our 15,000+ bloggers in the blogosphere onto Facebook. Now, developers on Facebook have an easy way to capitalize on their popularity and earn revenue from the traffic to their applications. Furthermore, advertisers will have an exciting new channel to engage highly qualified consumers online.”

How Do I Add eMiniMalls?

1. Open an account with Chitika using your Facebook application as your site URL.

2. Once you receive your approval email (with your user name and password), click the tab labeled “eMiniMalls on Facebook”

3. Select an ad unit size and your application type (either iFrame-based or FBML-based) and supply at least 1 keyword

4. copy and paste your code!

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