When the Chitika | Related Product Unit (RPU) launched it was available only to select publishers for testing, during which time we received tons of great feedback on how effective this unit is for publishers. Now we are happy to say that we are ready to open up the flood gates and now our entire network has access to this unit. (Yes! This means YOU). The RPU is a simple, non-intrusive text link format that integrates right in to your content. The RPU has instantly become one of the most successful ad units across our network. Our users experienced overall revenue increases and enjoyed its complete customization features. Publishers love this ad unit because it doesn’t “look” like an ad.

Use the RPU to:

  • Monetize space which has traditionally gone un-monetized
  • Provide your users with a logical “next place to click”
  • Keep your readers happy – the RPU is completely non-intrusive

Where RPU works The RPU is specially designed to be placed right at the end of your blog post, review, or article. This works well because once your user has read an article, they will be looking for the next place to click. The Related Product Unit provides this for them without being invasive (it sits nicely next to, or above your “Related Articles” section – thus not disrupting the user-experience).

“While laser quality targeting is almost always a good thing, sometimes people might want to learn about similar products to the one they have been researching to make sure they are making an informed purchase. The Chitika RPU allows me to show information about other products the customer might want to research before making a purchasing decision. RPU makes me more money, and offers my readers more choices.” -Tim Flight, GPSReview.net

Here are five ways the RPU can make you more money! If you are a Chitika publisher, when you login, you will see your “RPU Code” tab. Here you can choose your RPU unit size, colors, product category, set channel tracking and grab your code. If you are not yet a Chitika publisher you can sign up and also have access to all our interactive CPC ad units! See what others are saying in the RPU Forum Discussions.

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