Chitika is pleased to announce the integration of Payoneer as its default payment processor. Payoneer allows you to get your funds quickly, securely and at reduced cost to more than 200 countries and regions in over 150 currencies. You are given the flexibility of choosing how to receive your funds, by the method that best suits you.

“This is great news for our over 500,000+ publishers,” said Alden DoRosario, CTO, Chitika. “Now our publishers from around the globe can receive their Chitika earnings in their local currency and using the method that best suits their needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Great – What do I need to do? How do I setup my payment options?
Please head over to your Chitika Payment Settings page and click the “Get Started” button to configure your Payoneer account.
2. Is there a minimum threshold before you send a payment?
Yes – Chitika will kick off a transfer to your Payoneer account when your account balance crosses $50. Please see this support article for more details.
3. Wait – so no more Paypal? How can I get my payments via Paypal?
Chitika will no longer be supporting the Paypal option. We have decided to migrate to Payoneer as the only payment option. Payoneer is supported in 200 countries around the globe in 150 currencies. If Payoneer is not an option for you (for whatever reason), unfortunately you will not be able to use Chitika to monetize your websites.

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