Chitika is an online advertising network which uses data analytics to improve the performance of its partners and the experience of internet users within its network. Every month, Chitika serves billions of ads globally to a wide variety of demographics. Chitika Insights is the independent research division of Chitika Inc.

Chitika Insights makes its name by delving into the vast quantities of data which runs through the Chitika network on a daily basis. Generally speaking, the research studies we engage in cover a week’s worth of data, which at the bare minimum use a sample totaling over one hundred million impressions – more than enough to ensure statistical significance. Moreover, our publisher network is composed of hundreds of thousands of customers, both large and small, which encompasses a fair portion of overall traffic on the web. Finally, when engaging in this type of study we remain consistent in our methodology throughout the time interval of the investigation to ensure that we were doing an apples to apples comparison, ensuring that investigations can be done from point A to point B within our own network and being indicative of actual changes within the web.

In online advertising, referrals are how people find websites. A referral occurs when a customer is on a website and clicks on a link that links to your website. For instance, if a friend was sharing a YouTube video with you on Google+ and you clicked through, YouTube would register your referral domain as People and businesses use Google+ to share information and links across their networks. In this case, the number of referrals does correspond to the usage for types of sites where the main purpose is to share, especially in the form of links. As the quantity of people sharing goes up and down, the amount of referral domains from the site in question will rise and fall accordingly, and this relationship has been shown in other studies we have published, such as search engine market share.

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