When it comes to performing Internet searches, users on mobile devices are 45% more likely to enter a local query than users on non-mobile devices, according to data from online advertising network Chitika. Chitika’s research division came to this conclusion after breaking down a sample of more than 24 million impressions by mobile vs. non-mobile and local vs. non-local.

Local Mobile vs Non Mobile

“It makes sense,” says Chitika Research Director Daniel Ruby. “If you’re searching on your mobile device, chances are you’re looking for something quick and local. Anecdotally, I tend to use my mobile phone much more than my home computer for searching for local establishments, and it’s encouraging to see that the numbers back up my observations.”

The fact that mobile users execute more locally-oriented searches per capita than non-mobile users would seem to highlight mobile’s importance to local publishers. Local sites can take advantage of this trend by ensuring that all aspects of the site work on the majority of smartphones, and having a specific mobile site for local content can go a long way towards creating an excellent experience for mobile users with local interests.

About Chitika

Chitika, Inc., is a search-based online advertising network, leading the way in intent-based and local advertising. Chitika provides publishers with an innovative way to monetize both general and local traffic, and advertisers a new way of generating leads with clear consumer intent. With over 80,000 affiliated sites and 2 billion monthly impressions, the Chitika network is the pulse of the online world. Chitika continually evolves its image as “the ad network that knows when not to show ads.” For more information, visit https://chitika.com


Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
+866.441.7203 x966

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