Windows Users Love the iPad?

The iPad has now been out for over a week, and we at Chitika Research wondered: who are the early adopters?  Are they Apple fans, hungry for a new product from Cupertino?  Are they Microsoft fans, finally willing to give Steve Jobs and company a chance to prove themselves?  Or are they iPhone users who just want something… bigger?

We checked out the IP addresses of iPads that came into the Chitika network and searched out what other devices came from the same addresses.  To avoid businesses or retail stores with dozens or hundreds of Internet-connected devices, we limited the results to IP addresses with 5 or less devices seen (for example, at my home you’d see a MacBook, two Dell laptops, a BlackBerry and an iPhone).

iPad Siblings

The result is quite interesting: 50.96% of all iPad users have a Windows computer in their home.  8.55% have an iPhone (that browses via WiFi at home), and 62.95% run Mac OSX on a home computer.

What this means is that the iPad, like the iPhone, has managed to transcend the Apple/Microsoft debate.  Despite their reputation as a niche computing company, Apple has created yet another product that strikes a chord with people who aren’t already within the Steve Jobs sphere of influence.

It will be interesting to see how these numbers change as other tablet devices start entering the market.  Will the HP Slate take a bite out of the iPad’s Windows 7 numbers (15.91% of iPad users are running the latest version of Windows)?  And what happens to the Microsoft-using demographic when Redmond ships the hotly rumored Courier tablet?

Only time will tell.

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