Whether Apple’s iPad sold as many devices as Cupertino wanted or not, one thing is for sure: the Mac OSX operating system has seen some impressive growth since the tablet device was launched.

From January through March, Mac computers made up just over 7% of the market share, according to traffic numbers coming into the Chitika advertising network.
In April, however, that number spiked to 10.25%. Perhaps thanks to the increased foot traffic at Apple stores across the United States, Mac managed to pick up three percent of the home computer impressions market over the course of a single month.

Mac Market Share 2010

Apple’s main competitor in the operating system business, market leader Microsoft, bore the brunt of the shift – between March and April, 2010, the market share of Microsoft’s Windows operating system dropped from 89% to just over 85%.

Win Market Share 2010

Linux, the open-source operating system favored by many tech professionals, has remained mostly steady in 2010, with just under 1% of the operating system market.

January February March April
Windows 89.40% 89.09% 89.05% 85.18%
Mac 7.06% 7.38% 7.33% 10.25%
Linux 1.01% 0.97% 0.90% 0.90%
Other 2.53% 2.57% 2.73% 3.68%

Market share numbers are based on a sample of 1,931,369,632 impressions across the Chitika advertising network between January and April, 2010.

It’s hard to say what the cause of the OSX spike in impressions in April is. It’s hard to believe the iPad truly drove that many sales of Macs, and there are other possibilities – more existing Mac usage, a higher proportion of Macs being used for web-browsing, or other reasons – but the impression growth is impressive, and should bode very well for the future of Apple.

Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
+866.441.7203 x966

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