Windows 8 seems to have settled down after the initial buzz in its first two days. Compared to the meteoric growth in Windows 8 experienced after its release on September 13, the operating system’s growth plateaued this week among all Windows OS. After all, Microsoft seeks growth, not stability, given the public perception of the tech giant stagnating in the internet space.

Looking at a sample of hundreds of millions of impressions from our network, Windows 8 market share among all Windows OS has jumped three fold compared to traffic levels at the point of release. On its own, the results are impressive as the developer’s version is all that’s available. Still, the Microsoft marketing team can certainly do better considering the graph below indicates that the market share has declined slightly over most of its first full week in the tech world.

On the other hand, Microsoft may have decided to focus their resources on improving the technology at this stage. Perhaps, the marketing can wait till the worldwide release date. In the end, the success or failure of Windows 8 could define the public’s perception of Microsoft in the next few years. Chime in with how you think Windows 8 is shaping up? And how will it affect your site’s search engine positioning?

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