Yes, we know it now costs $5, but looking at the numbers, it appears that users of devices with iPhone OS on them aren’t willing to pay for it.  iPhone users, who have always been able to upgrade to OS 3.0 for free, use the more recent versions 94.4% of the time.  iPod Touch users, who are required to pay between $5 and $10 depending on timing, only use 3.x 55.24% of the time.

iPhone OS Study

What’s it all mean?  Well, despite its hype, iPhone OS 3.0 had very little to offer iPod Touch users.  Push notifications?  MMS?  Tethering?  Essentially useless on a device that relies on WiFi for a connection.  iPod Touch users are essentially asked to pay for copy/paste, in-app purchases, and the ability to buy a segment of the latest apps from the app store.

If you take into account the number of iPod Touches purchased between iPhone OS 3.0’s release (June 17th, 2009) and the time of this report, the 55% becomes even more indicative of iPod users’ unwillingness to pay for OS updates.  All iPod Touches over the past six months have had OS 3.x pre-installed on them already.  Perhaps it’s time for Apple to give iPod Touch users the latest OS for free.

The numbers:

iPhone OS Version % of iPod Users % iPhone Users
3.x 55.24% 94.4%
2.x 44.76% 5.6%

Numbers are based on a sample of traffic through the Chitika advertising network.

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