How much of the Internet-browsing world is ready for HTML5?  According to our latest numbers, just under half of all web browsing comes from HTML5 compatible browsers.

The next-generation standard for coding the World Wide Web, HTML5 has some major support, particularly from Google and Apple.
  In fact, HTML5 is a major part of the core of The Great Apple/Adobe Fracas of 2010, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs repeatedly declaring it ready to knock off Flash as the Web’s go-to video format.

But as with any cutting-edge technology, its success depends on how much of the Internet-browsing world is capable of consuming it.  Currently, HTML5 video is only supported on “advanced” web browsers, like Safari, Chrome, and the beta of Internet Explorer 9.

Looking at numbers coming into the Chitika network, some 46% of all traffic on the Web is capable of viewing HTML5 videos.

HTML5 Total

Driving HTML5 compatibility is Firefox 3.5+, which makes up 46% of HTML5 compatible traffic.  Following behind are Chrome (26%), Safari 3+ (24%), and Opera (4%).

HTML5 Compatible

As for incompatible browsers, the vast bulk are versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  IE8, the most popular Web browser, makes up 46% of HTML5-incompatible traffic, followed by IE7 (28%), IE6 (16%), and old versions of Firefox (7%).

HTML5 Incompatible

So it seems that Google, Apple, and Mozilla are all aboard the HTML5 express, and while Microsoft is doing the right thing by putting full support in IE9, it may take quite some time before the IE-using sector of Web users catches up.

All numbers based on a sample of 49,284,424 impressions across the Chitika advertising network, May 2010.

Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
+866.441.7203 x966

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