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Across the Chitika network, people don’t seem to be paying enough attention to the newly-public network LinkedIn. After looking at all instances of people searching for “marketing” and “advertising” along with either “Facebook,” “Twitter,” or “LinkedIn,” we found that 77% of the social media marketing attention was paid to Facebook. 18% went to Twitter, and only 4% of searches for social media marketing were LinkedIn related.

Marketers of the world, Facebook and Twitter are the trendy and popular marketing platforms. But what about LinkedIn? The professional social network went IPO today, ratcheting itself up to an amazing $8.9 billion valuation and making CEO Reid Hoffman a billionaire.

(As always, data is based on a sample of impressions across the Chitika ad network)

The question is, if LinkedIn has enough clout and enough involved users to be worth a cool nine billion bucks, shouldn’t you be putting as much of a marketing effort in there as you do in other social networks? Facebook is a great way of getting your brand into somebody’s life. Twitter is a great way to keep people informed quickly and en masse. LinkedIn, however, presents an opportunity to approach someone on a business level without fear of stepping on their personal life.

For now, we congratulate Hoffman and LinkedIn for living the dream. Marketers, why don’t you pay more attention to LinkedIn? Tell us in the comments if there’s something specific that keeps you away.

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