Yesterday afternoon, Chitika was asked by Greg Bensinger and Spencer Ante of the Wall Street Journal to help collaborate on his article discussing Google’s acquisition of Motorola, and the hope of patent stability that Verizon expressed. This article would also go on to be covered by Engadget, once again citing Chitika’s numbers as submitted to the Wall Street Journal.

In March, we posted a study breaking down Android smartphone traffic share by cell phone provider, and the results were unsurprising; Verizon comprised a majority share of Android smartphones, AT&T commanded a very small market share. For the purpose of the Wall Street Journal, we re-did our study to analyze the current market as of August. This time around, our results were quite different:

While Verizon still has four of the top five Android smartphones (Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Droid), its market share is clearly down. In contrast, AT&T’s share of the Android phone market is increasing, with devices such at the HTC Inspire gaining significant popularity among smartphone users. Both Sprint and T-Mobile remain relatively stable, thanks to the stability of their respective flagship devices (HTC Evo, MyTouch 4G).

As discussed by Ryan Cavanagh last week, Verizon’s share of iPhone traffic continues to increase, but it seems that Verizon is gaining market share in Apple’s prominent smartphone at the expense of its other, Android-running devices.

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