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In a new study, online advertising network Chitika’s research department has broken down what users of the major social networks want.  The results? Facebook and Twitter users want news (as it’s often reflected in Facebook ads comments too), Digg users have more eclectic taste, and MySpace users want to hear primarily about celebrities and video games.

The study was conducted by looking at the sites in the Chitika network that receive the most traffic from the social networks and breaking them down by genre.  By doing so, Chitika researchers hope to further their studies on user intent by traffic source by determining what people reading the major social networks want.

The top 5 genres receiving traffic from each site is as follows:

Facebook Twitter Digg MySpace
News News Celeb/Entertainment Video Games
Community Celeb/Entertainment News Celeb/Entertainment
How-To/DIY Tech Video Games Business/Law
Shopping Movies Tech Tech
Celeb/Entertainment How-To/DIY How-To/DIY Community

Interestingly, MySpace is the only traffic source of the bunch not to have the News category as part of the top 5 – all three other sites refer a significant amount of traffic to News.  Celebrity/entertainment is the only genre in the top 5 of all sites, demonstrating a fairly universal interest in the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous.

Social Sites Traffic by Genre

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