Up until now, Chitika ads were only able to cater to your search traffic with
Chitika | Premium.  I am now happy to introduce Chitika | Select ads, which will display to more than just your search traffic.

This upgrade to Premium ads on will allow Chitika ads to reach more visitors and directly increase your Chitika ad revenue.  We estimate Select ads could give publishers a 5 – 10% revenue increase on top of Premium ads alone.

How do Chitika | Select ads work?
Using our click-prediction technology, Chitika | Select ads will display only when there is a higher chance the ad will be clicked. The percentage of non-search traffic that will see the Select ads will vary from site to site.
Can I Still Use Chitika | Select With Google AdSense?
Yes! Just like the Chitika | Premium ads you can use the new Chitika | Select ads and AdSense together on the same page.
How Can I Upgrade My Chitika | Premium Ads?
You don’t need to, it will happen automatically Monday, March 8th 2010.
Are Chitika | Select Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?
Chitika | Select will always show the highest-paying ads possible. This will include PPC ads as well as CPM image/banner ads (which pay per impression, whether a user clicks or not).
Will Chitika | Select Ads look different than Chitika | Premium?
Sometimes. Similar to how Google shows image/banner ads if they determine that it is the highest paying ad for a certain user visiting the site, we will do the same. Some of your users will see ads with the Chitika | Premium format and others will see ads that look different but will pay more.
If you would rather have your Chitika ads continue to ONLY show to your search traffic, you can learn more about the opt-out option for Chitika | Select in our knowledgebase.  *However by doing so, you will miss out on a potential revenue boost!
What do you think of our new Select ads?   Please comment below.