My early excitement over the Xoom has just been tempered.

A post today by Jay Yarow at Business Insider discusses a likely sobering fact for many an Android fan who had hopes for the platform’s tablet market; only 100,000 have been sold so far. This is very disappointing news for Motorola, especially given that the iPad sold 300K in just its first week (before it even gained momentum).

In February, I posed the question of whether or not the Xoom could kick start the sluggish Android tablet market, and had high hopes for it initially, but it seems that a “reverse iPad” sales growth has occurred, and sales significantly stalled early after release. A month ago, and just one week after its initial release, the Xoom comprised 0.468% of our American Android traffic. A month later, though, this has only increased to 0.803% of the same US Android market.

More significantly, though, is that the iPad’s tablet dominance has lasted through yet another test. Looking at the same traffic data shows that the market leader still maintains an edge of 65.6 to 1 over the Xoom, an edge that seems more and more unlikely to shrink every day.

Unfortunately for Motorola, it looks like the Xoom is on its way to being just another small Android tablet. For Android tablet fans, the question now seems to be “How will the LG Optimus Tab perform?”

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