In the Android vs. iPhone war for mobile supremacy, which operating system should advertisers look to target?  Online ad network Chitika looked at ad click rates across its network for the two devices and came to the conclusion that Android users are by far more valuable individually than iPhone users – people on the Android OS clicked on ads 81% more often than people on the iPhone.

Device CTR
iPad 1.010%
iPhone 0.654%
Android 1.187%

Interestingly, iPad users are much more likely to click ads than their iPhone-using contemporaries.  This may be chalked up to the difference in display size.  Android devices, however, by and large have similar screens to the iPhone, and Chitika’s advertisements display the same on both devices.

As Android continues to grow in market share, it will be interesting to see how this figure changes.  For now, however, it is obvious that Android users should be high up on the list of targets for mobile advertisers.


Daniel Ruby
Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
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