Every year ridiculous amounts of money are spent on ads during the Super Bowl, and every advertiser hopes their ad drives user interest.  We pointed out yesterday that Groupon’s fake PSA ads, while generally offensive, generated quite few searches for the company.  Today, we’re rounding up some winners and losers – brands that saw spikes in search traffic coming into the Chitika advertising network, and brands that saw no change.

Auto Industry Winners: Chrysler and Volkswagen.

With two of the more memorable ads, featuring well-known icons Eminem and Darth Vader, Chrysler and Volkswagen managed to more than double the amount of people searching for their brands online.

Auto Industry Losers: Chevy, Audi, and BMW

These three auto manufacturers were running head-to-head with VW and Chrysler’s memorable ads, but it’s still interesting to note that searches for their brands remained relatively unchanged from one week prior.

Movie Winners: Captain America and Transformers

Both saw initial spikes in search traffic, and both movies’ traffic has sustained its jump.

Movie Loser: Thor

Up against fellow Avenger Captain America, Thor’s search bump was nonexistent.  In this case, the shield beat the hammer.

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Research Director, Online Insights
Chitika, Inc.
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