On Thursday, the iPhone came to Verizon. After years of rumors and guesswork, hordes of iPhone fans clamoring for a new network, it’s happened, and predictions of the effects are flying everywhere.  Will this kill ATT?  What will happen to all the Android phones on Verizon?

Well, we’re here to watch and report on just that.  Our first tool: a live iPhone carrier tracker.  Updated regularly throughout the day, the tracker will show you what percentage of iPhones we see in a rolling 24-hour period are ATT, and what percentage are Verizon.

What do you think?  Will Verizon ever catch ATT, given the years-long head start?  Is ATT in trouble, or Android?  Let us know your thoughts either in comments or on our Facebook page.

If you’ve got an iPhone, let us know if you intend to switch (full disclosure: I have a 3GS and am still undecided about whether I’m going to Verizon.  Also still under contract, so plenty of time to decide).

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