These days, search engines are ubiquitous in the world of information gathering. Depending on your goal, you might type anywhere from a single word to a lengthy question into a search box. But do certain search engines tend to have more verbose user bases? Chitika Insights wanted to examine how the number of words in a search query varied with the particular search engine.

Yesterday, we looked at the five most popular search engines in the US: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and AOL. We found that AOL users are the most succinct, typing on average 4.17 words per query. They are closely followed by Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, clocking in at 4.18, 4.20, and 4.29, respectively. users round out the pack at 4.74 words per query, making them the wordiest searchers online.

More interestingly, we discovered that users type queries that are eight words or longer almost 15% of the time (14.74%). This is almost twice as often as their closest follower in this category, AOL, whose users pop eight words or more into the box 8.38% of the time.

Perhaps Ask’s wordy user base may have stemmed from their origins as Per Wikipedia, AskJeeves was originally designed to “allow users to get answers to questions posed in everyday, natural language.” Perhaps this user base has persisted over the years, and may explain why has the most long-winded searchers online.

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