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When it’s smart to show an ad and when it’s wise NOT to…

The constant question throughout advertising has been and always will be “what type of ad should I show on my website?” As an ad network, we’re sensitive to this question for our users, but also aware of it as we cater to our users. As we took a step back to analyze the situation we realized that in order for our publishers to use their ad spaces to its fullest potential we had to make a fundamental change in the way we display ads in these spaces.

The majority of online ad budgets are wasted on mismatched ads which results in a lower potential of revenue for online publishers. So we decided to change our strategy; from deciding WHICH ad to display, to WHEN to display ads. This paved the way for a new technology you can find in our Chitika | Premium ad units – the industry’s first intelligent collapsing ad units, designed to only show up for targeted website visitors. 

We are honored that this technology is why Chitika was selected as a Red Herring 100 Global ‘08 finalistVenkat Kolluri, Chitika’s CEO, will be presenting at the Red Herring conference in San Diego on January 15th.  Read the full story in our recent press release: Chitika Ad Network Banks on NOT Showing Ads.

Posted by: Karla Escolas, CRM/Marketing Chitika, Inc. To apply for Chitika ads, click here. If you already have a Chitika account, you can get your Chitika | Premium code by clicking here.

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