Another update to the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin. Now with customizations like appending above, below or both to your channel name, depending on position for superior ad tracking. Don’t forget the option to display Chitika | Premium to permalink pages to ensure your home page and archive pages aren’t overloaded with ads – remember: search queries are usually targeted to your permalink pages!

Another update to your favorite Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin went out earlier today.  The new upgrade to version 1.3 is available for download now from the WordPress Plugin Directory: Three new features in this upgrade are:

  • Advanced channel tracking
  • Limit Chitika | Premium to display only on permalinks (so they do not clutter up your homepage or category archive)
  • Chitika | Premium username reminder

Advanced Channel Tracking

In addition to using a customizable channel name you can now also have the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin add ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘above – both’ and ‘below – both’ to your channel names simply by checking a box.

Why would I want to do that? Now you can change your setting in the plugin and always know in your reports where the plugin placed the ads. You can track your ads performance this way. For Example: if you choose to display Premium ads above and below your posts, your reports can show you which placement was more successful ‘channel name above – both’ or ‘channel name below – both’ letting you decide if you want to continue to display your ads using that configuration or if you’d like to change them up to find your best placement CTR.

Only Display Ads on Permalink Pages

Chitika | Premium ads are set to display whenever you full post is displayed. If your homepage or archive pages display more than one full post the Chitika | Premium plugin will display Chitika ads for each post. Some of our users prefer to only show on a permalink page because that’s where most of their search traffic lands and this helps keep their CTR more accurate.

Did You Remember to Enter your Username?

When you first install the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin a demo username is used in place of your Chitika account username. You’ll need to change that in order to receive credit for your clicks. The built in reminder will let you know if you forget to enter your username. We want you to receive your credit (where credit is due!) So go on, download the update to the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin.

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