Right Ads to the Right User at the Right Time.
At Chitika, this is what we strive for. In particular, we want to make the ads useful not only to the users, but also to the publishers and advertisers. We strive to provide targeted ads in every possible situation, which is why our IAB partnership is exciting for all of us.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is comprised of advertising companies that all have the same goal of fostering “relevant online advertising”. We do not collect any PII data (Personally Identifiable Information) for ad targeting purposes. In fact, we are more interested in finding out what users are looking for rather than who they are. We collect data on user level search activities (i.e. what they are searching for and what sort of ads they are clicking etc) to be able to match the right (relevant) ad to the right user. Most importantly, we also give the users control of the ads they will see.
With the rise of behavioral advertising, questions about consumer privacy have become more frequent. By becoming a member of the IAB, we seek to not only educate users on their options, but to empower them to make their own decisions.
For consumers, this means an online ad experienced that is meaningful rather than a nuisance.
For publishers, not only does this mean a higher CTR, but a higher level of trust between you and your site visitors. By providing your users with ads they want to see, you are making their experience on your site even more fufilling.
For our advertisers, we are able to help them find their desired audience. At Chitika we like to call these connections “magic moments.”
Chitika is excited about this partnership and we hope you are too. Boundless innovation in the online ad industry is our prerogative, and by joining hands with the IAB we are able to continue doing so.
To learn more on the AdChoices invitiative, data privacy, and browser settings and controls,
check out the IAB’s “Privacy Matters” campaign site.
Aboutads.net also has a great writeup on understanding online advertising for consumers.
What do you think about Chitika linking up with the IAB?