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According to Erick Schonfeld’s report on mobile trends, smartphones now host over 78% of all mobile ads in the United States. He references research from InMobi, one of the world’s largest mobile ad networks, which reviewed mobile ad impressions from quarter to quarter of this year. Now well into quarter two, InMobi already has seen an 11% rise in mobile ad impressions on smartphone platforms. They expect that smartphones will serve 90% of mobile ads by the end of quarter four.

Total mobile ad impressions, including smartphone and non-smartphone, increased by 40% in the past six months. This growth was fueled by the 65% increase of mobile ads exclusively on smartphones. This number will continue to rise with the growing popularity of smartphones.
Clearly, publishers are far more interested in showing their ads on iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries than they are with less advanced phones. Publishers like smartphones because their banner ads are displayed very clearly in mobile browsers and apps. Additionally, many smartphone carriers have created apps that allow publishers to purchase and customize ads. On regular mobile phones, publishers are very limited in terms of customization. The convenience and versatility of smartphones influences marketers to invest in smartphone advertising.
Many data analysts say that mobile ads are the future of marketing. This trend indicates that they might want to amend that statement to say, “smartphone ads are the future of marketing.” Chitika Insights will keep an eye on this fascinating trend, and we hope to conduct our own analysis on smartphone ad impressions in the near future.

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