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Cidewalk is coming up on it’s first anniversary. To celebrate, we’d like to offer your 1st Month Free!

Cidewalk is Chitika’s self-service mobile advertising platform. Cidewalk helps business owners build their brand locally by targetting particular geographic areas. It was developed under the mantra:

We believe all merchants, no matter the size, should have the same ability
to access mobile marketing technologies as brands with massive budgets

By using Cidewalk, you’ll get:

  • Large-Scale Exposure: Each advertisement you place will receive hundreds to thousands of views daily. 
  • GeoTargeting: Choose your city in order to reach only those desired. 
  • Technologically Advanced Marketing: Mobile marketing is more modern, more unique, and provides more benefits than traditional forms of advertising.
  • Cost-Effective Ads: We are purposely priced to fit into the budget of any business. 

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