Over the past several months, there have been a variety of reports concerning which mobile operating system takes the position of market leader. For the first time, over the first week of July, the Chitika Ad Network reports that Google’s Android platform has beaten out the remaining mobile operating systems in taking the top spot by capturing more than 36% of mobile market share.

Apple’s iPhone remains a close second with 34.4% market share, and when combined with the iPad and iPod, controls a staggering 60% of the market, an overwhelming majority. The remainder of the market is increasingly fragmented, with no particular OS emerging as a minority leader.

However, it is important to note that across online statistics and analysis, everyone’s data is drawn from slightly different sources and as such represents a slightly different market composition. Chitika Inc. draws its data across a wide range of websites.

If the availability and variety of Android devices remains on a similar growth trajectory, we expect the iOS’s market share to continue to erode. Unlike how the iPhone was only available to a single carrier in the beginning of the release process, Android has been available to a wider range of consumers from day one. In addition, a free and open development process coupled with a more frequent release process has propelled Android to the top of the food chain concerning Mobile Market Share. As new mobile devices continue to enter the marketplace, it will be interesting to see how the market shares continue to shift; stay tuned to Chitika Insights for continued updates to this exciting marketplace.

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