Following up on our research from earlier this week, we decided to take a look at click trends based on operating system and Internet browser.  The results were quite interesting: in both cases, users of Microsoft’s product clicked on ads at a significantly higher rate than any of Microsoft’s competitors.  Coupled with earlier numbers showing Bing traffic’s high CTR, this leads us to believe that users of Microsoft are, in general, the most valuable traffic that can be driven to any ad-supported website.  Check out the graphs:

Click Percentage By Operating SystemClick Percentage By Web Browser

Interestingly, unlike Bing, Microsoft’s operating system (Windows) and Web browser (Internet Explorer) products hold significant leads in terms of market share.  In our sample group, Windows accounted for 89% of the traffic, and IE accounted for 62%.  This suggests that in products within its wheelhouse, Microsoft has that perfect storm of market share and traffic that acts on ads.

Operating System Ad CTR % of Market CTR Vs. Microsoft
Windows 0.92% 89.45% 100%
Mac 0.52% 9.89% 56.4%
Linux 0.46% 0.67% 49.6%
Internet Browser Ad CTR % of Market CTR Vs. Microsoft
Internet Explorer 1.05% 62.29% 100%
Firefox 0.66% 24.4% 63.27%
Safari 0.5% 8.08% 48.17%
Chrome 0.21% 3.46% 19.83%

Numbers are based on a sample of traffic through the Chitika advertising network.

About Chitika

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