Picking the right keywords is your key to success with Chitika eMiniMalls. In this mini guide, you will learn the importance of optimizing your eMiniMalls product base, and how your earnings may be effected by it.

Part 1: Keywords=$

  • Take control & see your check increase at the end of the month

The revenue you receive each month will depend on the right keywords/product names, you choose. Unlike other services, Chitika gives YOU complete control over which products to display in your eMiniMalls units. This will mean a lot when you want to show the exact product you are reviewing in your blog post. Set your keywords in Step 4, of the code panel when customizing your code. There is no limit to the number of keywords to insert in your code. Just be sure to click the “test” button before adding it to the list to make sure you are getting the product you want.

  • Target your audience for maximum revenue

You know who your audience is better than anyone, so take the products your audience would want to see, and use them as keywords in your eMiniMalls. Since with Chitika you get to choose what products to display on your blog/site, being able to target your audience the way you want, gives you the control you need to take your earning potential to the next level. So what are the hot items, toys, gadgets and accessories on your list this holiday season? List those items right in your eMiniMalls code now! Simply ad the keywords, separated by a comma in your code directly.

  • Categories=easy

Categories were created for you to place the code on your pages “in a snap!”. There are 40+ categories to currently choose from, including a “Seasonal Specials” category to use if your site is targeted to many different kinds of products. The “Seasonal Category” is set as a default in your code unless you change it.

  • What you should know about using keywords & categories together

So you have selected the Digital Camera category #7185, and then chose 10 keywords, and you are wondering if your keywords or the category you chose will be showing in your units. Doesn’t it rotate between both? The answer is no. If you select keywords, your eMiniMalls unit will rotate randomly between those products. The category is simply there to be used as a fallback, in case one of your keywords fails to show a product. So if you want to simply rely on Chitika’s category for the top products to be shown on your pages, select the category by itself and skip step 4. If you add any keywords, your eMiniMalls unit will run with those keywords, not the category you selected. Login & optimize here to take your revenue to the next level.

For expert suggestions & help on this or other topics, as always, contact our support team!

Stay Tuned for Part 2: Complement your eMiniMalls with ShopCloud$

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