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Author: Sarah V


Don’t forget to water your ads 

My neighbor has the greenest grass in our neighborhood. He purchases the most advanced lawn treatment available and cares for it like a child. Last summer he decided to plant some flowers and start a garden because, according to him, “you know, the soil underneath…


Chitika banks on NOT showing ads 

When it’s smart to show an ad and when it’s wise NOT to… The constant question throughout advertising has been and always will be “what type of ad should I show on my website?” As an ad network, we’re sensitive to this question for our…


Chitika Audits – A Thing of the Past? 

Many publishers have expressed frustration with our “audits” process (at the end of the month, we discount the invalid clicks from reports – you can read more about this here.) Well we have good news – with our new Chitika | Premium ads, audits are…


Chitika|Premium ad unit placement tips 

What? You haven’t heard about the newest ad unit available from Chitika (which is yielding high eCPM’s for publishers)? Here’s the latest on Chitika|Premium in case you missed it… Chitika|Premium placement heat map Win-Win Ad Unit Because Chitika|Premium is behaviorally targeted on your pages, users…


NEW! Chitika Advertiser Referral Program 

We are happy to announce that with our new Advertiser Referral Program all Chitika users can earn referral revenue for advertisers they bring to the Chitika network alongside our Publisher Referral Program and of course, your monthly revenue payments from our product services. Why promote…


New CPM ads are raising your revenue 

Excitement has been brewing since we first announced that CPM Graphic Banners will soon be integrated into your websites. As we rolled this out you saw excellent results and we have seen an immediate increase in revenue across the board. This new service is designed…