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Author: Sarah V

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Do Apple Users Search More Than Android? 

For the last decade, search engines have been internet users’ best friends, making any question that comes to mind immediately addressable with the best relevant answers. Developments in technology have made search engine results more qualified and useful, leading to a rapidly growing demand for their use. Chitika Insights decided to take a look into search traffic trends depending on the operating system.

Operating System, Timeless, Trending Topics

Report: iOS Users Driven to Update by Features Rather than Security 

Apple’s latest update of its mobile operating system, iOS 5.1.1, provides several bug fixes and security improvements to its users. Chitika Insights observed adoption rates during the first week of release in a previous report, and now looks at updated data to examine adoption rates three weeks post-release. The three-week overall adoption rate of 57.9% represents an exponential increase in rate of adoption when compared to the 12.3% adoption in the first week. But notably, this is dwarfed by the adoption rate of iOS 5 in October of last year, which was installed on 20% of iOS devices in its first week.

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What Hours Are Mobile Users Most Active? 

With the emergence of mobile devices with online capability, the amount of people browsing the internet on their phone has steadily grown as a portion of the overall market. As mobile devices continue to cement their presence in our everyday lives, there is a growing trend amongst consumers to carry out many of their essential actions both online and on the go.