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Room for Growth: Microsoft Surface Only Generates 0.13% of All Tablet Web Traffic 

Two of the biggest players in the computing space – Microsoft and Google – recently launched their most ambitious efforts yet in the tablet marketplace. Microsoft’s Surface was launched on October 26th, 2012 as the flagship tablet for Windows 8, with a more powerful Pro edition debuting in December. Google released its Nexus 10 on November 13th – a larger sibling to the company’s Nexus 7 tablet, which was recently updated from its original model unveiled earlier this year. Chitika Insights conducted a study to see which tech giant’s tablet offering is emerging as the most popular.

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Supply & Demand Issues Stall Google Nexus 7 Growth 

Although Nexus 7 experienced a huge initial surge in both sales and Web traffic, users don’t seem to be surfing as much as one might expect them to. However, a reason for this drop could be Google only recently ended their Nexus 7 hold last week. As such, these numbers are most likely from users who got the Nexus 7 in the first round of shipments. As the novelty of a new tablet wears off, so does the user’s desire to surf the Web as extensively as they had initially.

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