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Operating System

Report: iOS 5.1.1 on More Than 12% of iOS Devices after First Week 

Here at Chitika Insights our team was interested in seeing just how adamant iOS users were in their quest for secure browsing. We combed through tens of millions of ad impressions across our network, looking for devices that were utilizing any sort of iOS based software. From there we refined our results by breaking out iOS 5.1.1 devices and took a 24-hour rolling average in order to determine usage rates. According to our network data, Apple users (being the early adopters that they are) heeded experts’ warnings. Our network started to demonstrate a spike in iOS 5.1.1 traffic around 5:00 PM EST on May 7, trending upward to a high of 12.3% of all iOS traffic by May 10. This preliminary report shows a somewhat rapid pace of adoption, a trend that should persist, given the popularity of the iPad and iPhone devices.

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