On the heels of last month’s report regarding the impressive adoption rate of Firefox 12, Mozilla’s 13th iteration of its flagship browser hit the Web on June 3, a day before its official release, due to an online leak. With its past success in migrating users to new versions, the Chitika Insights team wanted to see if the adoption of the newest Firefox version would fare similarly.

Somewhat impressively, four days following the leak and only three days since the official launch, the browser commanded more than 5% of Firefox’s online market share. But better evidence of Mozilla’s user updating prowess was elsewhere – Firefox 11 usage, which constituted 38% of Firefox online activity on May 7, has shrunk to just fewer than 4%, with nearly all of those users making the switch to Firefox 12 without automatic prompting.

Some other unique findings:

  • Firefox 3 users are very committed to that version of the software, with their usage share only going down 1% since May 7, making it the second-most popular version of the software one month later.
  • The Firefox 12 usage statistics re-emphasize the recent success of Firefox’s auto-update feature, and points to an upcoming high degree of adoption for Firefox 13.

  • The difference in user behavior between Firefox 12 and Firefox 3 is significant. Looking at market share on an hour-by-hour basis, Firefox 3 users browse much more during daytime hours, while Firefox 12 users are much more active during the evening. This brings up the possibility that later versions of Firefox attract users as the browser of choice at home, but not at work.

Stay tuned to Chitika Insights as we track the progress of Web browsers as new versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and others are introduced over the year.

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